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Ridgefield Disinfect and Protect Program

Long-Term Cleaning & Safety Solutions in Fairfield and Westchester Counties

Cleaning is about more than just visible messes – invisible threats like mold spores, viruses, bacteria, and dust mites can threaten your health and comfort just as easily as mildew, debris, and other more obvious hazards. At 4CE LLC, we’ve worked to develop a method of disinfection and protection that keeps properties across Ridgefield and beyond defended against unseen microbial threats.

Our solutions provide short-term disinfection, long-term protection, and immediately noticeable improvements to your comfort and health.

Contact our Ridgefield disinfection team at (203) 433-6431 for a free quote on your custom protection plan!

Understanding Disinfection vs. Sanitization

Many of our customers, and even some other professional cleaners, treat the terms “disinfect” and “sanitize” as exchangeable synonyms. However, there is a clear difference between the two actions. Whereas sanitizing a surface simply decreases the number of pathogens present, disinfection is a process intended to kill as many viruses and bacteria as possible. The disinfection products we use at 4CE LLC are capable of killing as much as 99% of viruses and bacteria on a given surface within 12 minutes of application.

Benefits of Our Disinfection & Protection Program

Microbes like viruses and bacteria have been studied by scientists for decades, so we trust science to inform our disinfection and protection programs. Our disinfection and protection program uses proven-effective methods, EPA-certified products, and expert application tools to bring you quality results that only science can provide.

Our Proven 3-Step Disinfection Process:

  • Clean: Using an electrostatic sprayer, we apply cleaning or degreasing formulas to all surfaces in addition to cleaning thoroughly by hand. The electrostatic sprayer ensures that the products adhere to surfaces instead of sliding off.
  • Disinfect: With the same type of sprayer, we apply our SDVO and Envirocleanse A solutions, both certified by the EPA. These solutions can kill up to 99% of viruses and bacteria within twelve minutes of application.
  • Protect: We also apply an antimicrobial coating spray that provides 24/7 protection, trapping and mitigating any new contaminants that enter your home and preventing them from spreading further.

Safeguard Your Property with Our Expert Services

With 4CE LLC, we provide you with the help you need to consistently keep your home, business or recreational facility free from harmful contaminants. Our help doesn’t stop after we’ve applied our products – our solutions are designed to maintain protections between treatments, and we even sell cleaning products to help you achieve the highest possible level of clean 365 days a year.

Reach out to us online or call our Ridgefield office at (203) 433-6431 today to get started with your customized disinfect & protect program!

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We Provide Exceptional Service & Cutting-Edge Technology
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  • EPA Certified Products & 90 Days-1 Year Protection
  • We Speak English, Spanish & Portuguese For Your Convenience

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